Image section at Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

The following researchers from the image section participate in CSGB:

  • Ivan D'Annibale, PhD student
  • Sune Darkner, associate professor
  • Aasa Feragen, professor
  • Tom Dela Haije, postdoc
  • Line Kühnel, PhD student
  • François Lauze, associate professor
  • Anton Mallasto, PhD student
  • Mads Nielsen, professor
  • Rune Kok Nielsen, PhD student
  • Stefan Sommer, associate professor
  • Jon Sporring, professor
  • Hans Jacob T. Stephensen, PhD student

Within CSGB, the research focus of the KU group is on statistical modelling of random shapes. Such modelling is extremely challenging because shapes reside in non-linear spaces. Examples are manifolds, stratified spaces and general metric spaces. Applications may involve tree-like shape spaces.

In the first funding period of CSGB, the KU and the AU-bio group have collaborated in two projects on

  • tomographical reconstruction of protein structures from cryo-electron microscopy images
  • the density and level of repulsion of vesicles in the presynaptic area

Both projects will continue in the second funding period of CSGB. A third application area, taken up in the second funding period, is diffusion weighted imaging.


  • Stochastic shape modelling
  • Bayesian inference
  • Partial differential equations for imaging