Stochastic geometry group at Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University

The stochastic geometry group comprises presently the following researchers:

  • Rikke Krog Eriksen, PhD student
  • Ute Hahn, associate professor
  • Louis Gammelgaard Jensen, PhD student
  • Eva B. Vedel Jensen, professor
  • Markus Kiderlen, associate professor
  • Andrew du Plessis, associate professor
  • Anders Rønn-Nielsen, associate professor
  • Mads Stehr, PhD student
  • Helene Svane, PhD student

Within CSGB, the AU-math group is engaged in advanced mathematical research as well as in practical applications.

A key research topic for AU-math is tensor valuations in stochastic geometry, including their integral geometry, their role in stochastic modelling and their estimation from digital grey-value images. Tensor valuations may be used as shape descriptors. Methods for estimating shape and orientation of particles from tensor valuations are studied in close collaboration with AU-bio.

Another important research topic for AU-math concerns statistics for stochastic geometry models. In particular, the statistical properties of Monte Carlo envelope tests for functional data are studied.


  • Stereology
  • Stochastic geometry
  • Topology
  • Statistics for functional data
  • Brain imaging