Spatial statistics group at Department of Mathematical Sciences, Aalborg University

The spatial statistics group comprises presently the following researchers:

  • Christophe Biscio, assistant professor
  • Achmad Choiruddin, postdoc
  • Heidi Søgaard Christensen, PhD student
  • Andreas Dyreborg Christoffersen, PhD student
  • Kristian Bjørn Hessellund, PhD student
  • Christian Hirsch, postdoc
  • Jesper Møller, professor
  • Francisco Andrés Cuevas Pacheco, PhD student
  • Jakob G. Rasmussen, associate professor
  • Ege Rubak, associate professor
  • Anne Marie Svane, postdoc
  • Rasmus P. Waagepetersen, professor

Within CSGB, the AAU group contributes with basic research in spatio-temporal point processes. A focus point is modelling and statistical inference for point processes in non-Euclidean spaces such as linear networks and directed graphs.

In the case of linear networks, a main problem in transferring the well-established theory of point processes in Euclidean spaces is the geometry of the network itself. It is important to take the network geometry into account such that the interpretation of functions defined on the network does not depend on the geometry and data on different networks can be compared directly.

In the first funding period of CSGB, the AAU and the AU-bio group have been involved in important applications of point processes in bioimaging. The applications concern

  • the minicolumn hypothesis in the cerebral cortex of the brain
  • protein interactions inferred from FRET data

Both projects continue in the second funding period of CSGB.


  • Spatial point processes
  • Spatio-temporal point processes
  • Computational statistics