Research training

In the first funding period, CSGB has offered advanced training opportunities in the full range of its study areas, including international PhD courses in

  • Bayesian computing
  • confocal fluorescence microscopy
  • graphs in image analysis
  • inverse problems
  • MCMC simulation
  • point processes
  • quantitative medical graphics
  • quantitative microscopy
  • registration in image analysis and computer graphics
  • space-time modelling
  • spatial statistics
  • stochastic geometry
  • stereology
  • tensors in imaging
  • valuation theory

Participants of the Summer School, May 2013

More than 20 PhD courses have been organized. One of the highlights in the first funding period was the international PhD Summer School on Topics in Space-time Modelling and Inference, 27–31 May 2013, Aalborg University.

In the second funding period that started in 2015, we continue our research training efforts. We offer participation in a wide range of workshops, conferences and symposia. Individual research and training plans are tailored for each PhD student. PhD students involved in collaborative projects regularly visit the other relevant research groups.