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Image section at Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

The following researchers from the image section participate in CSGB:

  • Sune Darkner, associate professor
  • Aasa Feragen, associate professor
  • Line Kühnel, PhD student
  • François Lauze, associate professor
  • Matthew Liptrot, assistant professor
  • Anton Mallasto, PhD student
  • Mads Nielsen, professor
  • Stefan Sommer, associate professor
  • Jon Sporring, associate professor

Within CSGB, the research focus of the KU group is on statistical modelling of random shapes. Such modelling is extremely challenging because shapes reside in non-linear spaces. Examples are manifolds, stratified spaces and general metric spaces. Applications may involve tree-like shape spaces.

In the first funding period of CSGB, the KU and the AU-bio group have collaborated in two projects on

  • tomographical reconstruction of protein structures from cryo-electron microscopy images
  • the density and level of repulsion of vesicles in the presynaptic area

Both projects will continue in the second funding period of CSGB. A third application area, taken up in the second funding period, is diffusion weighted imaging.


  • Stochastic shape modelling
  • Bayesian inference
  • Partial differential equations for imaging
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