Poster Session

Jiří Dvořák: Comparison of moment estimation methods for stationary spatial Cox processes

Daniel Gentner: Palm theory, mass transports and ergodic theory for group stationary processes

Katřina Staňková Helisová: Estimating parameters in Quermass-interaction process

Stephan Huckemann: Ziezold means for shape spaces

Kiên Kiêu: Modelling a 3D active genome as a Gibbs marked point

Petra Kochová: Determination of anisotropy of three-dimensionally oriented line systems

André Liebscher: Characterization of the local strut thickness of open foams based on 3D image data

Kimberley McGarrity: Quantification and modeling of microstructural banding in steel from serial sectioned optical microscopy

Robert Mnatsakanov: Image reconstruction from its Radon transform

Jeffrey Picka: Random trajectory models for disordered physical systems

Malte Spiess: Asymptotic properties of the approximate inverse estimator for directional distributions

Ólöf Thórisdóttir: Variance of surface area estimators from central sections

Markéta Zikmundová: Spatio-temporal model for a random set given by a union of interacting discs